Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stand up and speak out against HB 990. We can no longer afford to play politics with our lives

HB 990, here in Georgia, creates an additional barrier for over 600,000 Georgians from accessing health care in our state through Medicaid.  

We must join together and speak out against the GOP agenda. Currently 3,600 people who would be eligible for Medicaid are dying each year in our state.

Please sign and share this Atlanta Jobs with Justice petition with your social network.

If you are able please join members of the Cover Georgia coalition Tuesday March 11 from 10:00am to 11:00am for a rally on the steps of the Capitol (Washington Street) to advocate for expanding Medicaid.

The Governor’s own Office of Planning and Budget shows that Medicaid expansion will generates $750 million over a decade in new tax revenue from insurer premiums.

New tax revenue, a healthyier workforce--only reactionaries within the GOP would use the power of Government to keep working people sick and desperate (side note this is really about keeping a downward pressure on wages and protecting  a Government agenda of upward redistribution of wealth to the 1%).

I'm running for State House here in Georgia because its time to stand up to the GOP efforts to blame the Federal Government rather than do the hard work of building an efficient, effective, health care system in our state.  Contribute $36.00 right now on behalf of the 3,600 people who will die this year because of GOP footdragging.  Your contribution will help get an ally of working people under the Gold Dome. 

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