Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12 days left until the March 31 deadline to enroll in health insurance or pay a fine.

Yesterday, Georgia Republican legislators gave Nathan Deal an easy way out on Medicaid expansion by sending HB 990 to the governor's desk for his signature.

Better Georgia had the scoop:
  1. Cut even more services to rural hospitals
  2. Make someone else responsible
  3. Form a committee
Four rural hospitals have closed under Gov. Nathan Deal’s watch and today he finallyannounced this three-part plan:We’re not kidding.This is his real plan.

Rev. Raphael G. Warnock, the senior pastor of MLK's Ebenezer Baptist Church, was one of at least 40 people arrested at The Capitol yesterday for standing up for Medicaid expansion

Deal and company think access to affordable care is a luxury of district 1. According to state Republicans, rural voters can move to metro Atlanta if they want a good health care system.

It was more Washington-Style politics: running away from real problems, failing to face facts, and refusing to do the hard work citizens elected them to do and reminded me why I decided to run for State House here in Georgia.

Making the ACA work and helping all citizens in Georgia access affordable health care is the job of politicians in Atlanta--its how "small Government" Federalism works, and like it or not, how the ACA was set up to be handled. 

In states all across the country Legislatures are working to make the ACA work. Sadly Republicans in Georgia want to blame the Federal Government rather than do their job. The ACA was fundamentally concieved by conservative policymakers ("RomneyCare") as insurance reform, a patchwork of complex fixes coordinated by each state with assistance from the Federal Government to pay the costs and regulate the process. 

Sadly here in Georgia, State lawmakers have been negligent in doing their jobs of setting up the exchange and empowering citizens and small business owners with the tools they need to transition as smoothly as possible. 

 My opponent has done nothing to assist in sign up and has hindered the ability of citizens to get important information about health care.  Before its too late I'd like to send out a reminder robocall into the district so that voters know the sign up deadline is about to arrive.

But I can't get that message out across the district without your help.  Please contribute today! 

$10 will help us reach 400 voters in the district

$25 will help us reach 1000 voters in district 111.

A single contribution of $802.77 would provide a call to every single voter in the district reminding them about the sign up deadline.  

No matter what you are able to contribute today providing voters in the district the opportunity to access affordable health care is the job of a State Legislator.  

Together we can provide vitally important information to citizens in the district about the upcoming ACA deadline.  My opponent doesn't want to do his job and because of that many will miss the important deadline and pay consequences for the failure of political leaders in Georgia.  

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