Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Five things to know about the latest ACA enrollment report.

Think Progress has a good run down of the latest ACA numbers.  They've got a list of four things-- I have a fifth thing to add.

  • These numbers could have been better if we had more Democrats in State House's to fight the GOP efforts to stop the ACA.

four things you need to know about the latest enrollment report:
1. Per-day enrollment increased from January to February. The Washington Post headline after the enrollment numbers came out yesterday read “Obamacare enrollment drops off in February.” But while January enrollment was 170,000 above February’s, it’s not that simple. When you take into account the fact that February has fewer days than January, and that January actually included a few days in December in its reporting period, the per-day sign-up rate actually increased. As the March 31 deadline approaches, more and more people are learning about the benefits of the law and are signing up for coverage.
2. The rate of young adult enrollment is steady. Young adults comprised 27 percent of the marketplace sign-ups in February, holding steady from January and up from 24 percent from October to December. (This is not surprising given young people are expected to wait until closer to the deadline to enroll.) Some have worried that too few younger, healthy people in the exchange would result in “adverse selection” — an exchange disproportionately filled with older, sicker individuals. But studies have shown that even in a worst-case scenario, which has already been overcome, premiums would likely increase by just a couple percentage points.
3. People are taking advantage of financial help to lower their costs. Of those who have selected a plan, 83 percent have qualified for financial assistance to reduce the cost. In fact, most uninsured people don’t know how likely they are to qualify for financial help to help lower the cost of enrolling. There is even an insurance subsidy calculator to help figure it out.
4. Things are ramping up for a big March surge. The expectation all along has been that there will be a spike in enrollment as the deadline approaches. And we are already starting to see that take place. In a creative and hilarious appeal to get young people to enroll, President Obama appeared on an episode of Zach Galifianakis’s showBetween Two Ferns, a popular spoof of public access TV by the comedy website Funny or Die. By the afternoon, administration officials reported the comedy site was the number one driver of traffic to, and today they said traffic jumped 40 percent from the previous day. In addition to creative marketing, advocacy groups around the country have put together over 4,000 events related to enrollment before the end of March (helpfully arranged if you or someone you know needs to enroll!).
BOTTOM LINE: Millions of Americans are signing up for affordable coverage using the individual marketplace, and the latest enrollment numbers demonstrate that momentum is building for a big March.

In the end these numbers could and would have been much better if the GOP wasn't trying every dirty trick in the book to hurt the roll out and success of the ACA.  Which is sad because the reality is the ACA was the conservative health care plan till a black man proposed it and the right wing went in to freak out mode to try and stop it.

Making sure the ACA works as best as it can was one of the reasons I ran for State Senate in 2010 and its one of the reasons I'm running for State House this year.

Please chip in a few dollars today if you'd like to see someone who is going to champion and fight for access to affordable health care for all citizens.  Please "Like" me on Facebook and follow my campaign on Twitter.

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