Thursday, March 27, 2014

House District 111 in the State of Georgia is flipping blue this November.

I want to take a moment to do a little political horse race blogging as the campaign disclosure report is coming up on the 31st.  As most of my readers know I've thrown my name on the ballot again.  This time I'm running for State House district 111.

My opponent still lacks a website as far as I can tell.  Here is mine.

My opponent's State Rep Fan Page has 273 "Likes";  my Politician Fan Page has 270 "Likes" (go "Like" it now).

On twitter its a landslide in my favor.  My opponent has 103 Followers and hasn't used the account since he got elected. I'm currently sitting at 2672 for my personal account and a lowly 20 so far for my candidate twitter account.  

On my rally campaign page I currently have 2295 who are joining me to rally "in" support.

I've been working hard to attend events in the community, hold meet ups, and one on one sit downs with voters.  I've already organized more meet-ups and events in the district than my opponent has in his two year term. 

9 out of 10 campaigns are won by the candidate with the most money.  So if you'd like to help embed a blogger, under the Gold Dome contribute right now

There are 222 days 5 hours and 32 mins till the polls close.  This is going to be a fun year.

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