Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What happened to the "Yes we Can" Democrats?

I've been getting an ear full from "Party people" about my attacks on Ms. 1%.  Tough luck.

In the middle of this nonsense from the Tea Party she sends out an email that says this "neither side of the debate is facing the very real imperative to address our growing national debt". Nunn is either clueless on policy or a liar trying to "agree" with Tea Party Republicans to add a few more votes.

I campaigned in red America in 2010, they don't want their Social Security cut; and they are fed up with politicians feeding them poll tested word games trying to manipulate them. If Nunn isn't shilling for Pete Petersons crew then she needs to get some better campaign folks as it looks exactly like a stalking horse for a neoliberal grand bargain type.

Some of us are fighting to expand Social Security not cut it. We don't need more "liberals" pushing austerity as a solution. We've had enough of that over the past 3 decades. Democrats have lost their way in red America and until we get back to basics and rebuild a coalition of working people fighting the 1% we will never turn this state blue.

One of the "earfulls" came from a Georgia union Political Director. I won't name which union but when even some of our unions don't have class consciousness anymore; don't have any fight for working people and have more alligences to the inside game of power and money we will never be able to improve things for working people.
Its better to lose on the right policy than win by feeding in to the disinformation campaign of the Koch brothers about "debt". The Nunn campaign will only be a drag on down ballot races because she will bombard TV screens across Georgia with fix the debt nonsense--further feeding the Ted Cruz wing nuts who are holding our Government hostage.
Nunn is already campaigning on austerity--in the middle of a jobs crisis!!! Its wrong for Georgia when a Republican says it and its wrong for Georgia when a Democrat says it. Its just wrong policy no matter how you spin it.

Feeding the Tea Paty debt nonsense is bad for Georgia. I know, because I delt with the Tea Party town hall sillyness on the campaign trail in 2010. Good people who had no clue about fiscal or monetary policy but were scared and angry. We have to reach out to them and engage them--on the issues, with facts.
But I look around me and all I see are "party people" trying to pretend Nunn, who should have run as a moderate business Republican, is someone we should shut up and smile about. I'm not going to shut up and smile for the wrong polcies for working Georgians.
I can't help but notice that most of the Nunn train is a bunch of politico's looking for jobs and political appointments that come along with a big money campaign and a Democratic Senator.
Sorry, I'd rather lose on good policy and fight to organize so that 2016, 2018, see gains that can't be taken away with talking points and swings in poll numbers.
What happened to the Yes we can Democrats? Has 5 years of Tea Party Tantrums made them all so cynical they've given up on the possible? One of the more cyncial message I got ended with "While you're increasing Social Security, go ahead and end world hunger and stop global warming." It was from a good friend whom I've worked closely with and have a great deal of respect for. But it seems people think we have to cut and run as soon as the only "name" in the room steps up. Where has the cyncism come from? Let us inspire ourselves to be better and push forward. Sometimes you leap without knowing where you land.
Yes we can win on Prgoressive values in Georgia. Just listen... and remember....

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