Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tyler Durden to Michelle Nunn: You are either with the hostage takers; or you are with us.


For those who haven't heard.  Tyler Durden and members of Project Mayhem have gotten involved in the US Senate race here in Georgia.

The origins of the dispute began with a tweet...

Tyler Durden responded in fashion.  Nunn's willingness to try to harness talking points from the 1% and blame both the hostage takers and the hostages spoke to either questionable judgement, bad grasp of policy, or even worse, economically captured behavior of a bought and sold politician.  From the beginning it has been unclear which it is.

Tyler and all the members of Project Mayhem believe the mechanism for selecting competent leaders is broken.  One of the problems is quite simply the death of the Liberal Class and a willingness to cut Social Security; rather than fighting to expand it as we should be doing is a perfect example of this death.

The members of Project Mayhem believe the Nunn campaign is symptomatic of the pathologies that have led to the death of the liberal class and Tyler and company have prioritized finding out important facts before election day so that voters of Georgia have the important facts in front of them.

To these ends Tyler and members of Project Mayhem escalated the fight this past weekend and I can acknowledge that I in fact do have documents acquired from Tyler Durden and members of Project Mayhem stolen from the Nunn campaign headquarterse as well as memo's from a Pete Peterson hideout proving that Michelle Nunn in fact plans to release a plan to support cuts to Social Security after she gets out of the Primary as a way to win support from Republicans.

Because of the willingness of the Nunn campaign to side with the hostage takers during the #GOPshutdown Tyler and Members of Project Mayhem have taken their own hostages from the Nunn campagin--a number of important facts about her position on Social Security.

Tyler Durden and members of Project mayhem do not wish to harm anyone or anything; facts do have their place in the world and no one wants to seem them, or anyone, hurt--the staff of the Nunn campaign and candidate herself are probably lovely well meaning people--but this is bigger than just one person; millions of lives are at stake.  If Nunn is unwilling to release the facts about her position on cuts to Social Security and if she supports efforts to expand or cut the beloved program then Durden and company are willing to hold hostage facts from her campaign Tyler Durden is willing to kill off the hostages he has taken from her campaign (facts not people).

Which is it Michelle Nunn---do we "Fix the debt"

or Expand and Strengthen Social Security?

Wouldn't it be rad to beat the 1% on election day?

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