Monday, October 7, 2013

Michelle Nunn, radical ideologue for the 1%, defender of future world.

At a time when we have a jobs crisis on our hands, Michelle Nunn, candidate for US Senate in Georgia is writing Op-ed's talking about "future world."

Krugman the other day mentioned these folks fixated on the debt are utterly clueless and Nunn is proving this every step of the way here in Georgia.  Its as if politics is a vacation, sort of like DisneyWorld.  The argument that Nunn truly cares about your great great grandkids!; awe shucks that is  lovely, hmmm...  detached from reality.

To run a US Senate campaign on talking points for the 1% and deep committed concern for fantasy world of years from now--in the middle of an economic crisis-- is not very in touch with the real world concerns of citizens in the state of Georgia, or for that matter basic economics.

Nunn is proving herself to be a radical ideologue, or else is the spokesperson for radical ideologues, who want to slash Social Security and undermine Government support for programs and policies that protect and empower the 99%.

At a time when we are losing close to $1 trillion a year in lost economic output, when we are seeing millions of people who have had their lives ruined due to unemployment or underemployment, we should be seeing Politicians demanding immediate action now not writing milquetoast op-eds about future world.  You don't protect the future by burning down the house and killing off a few of the kids.  Only someone stuck in a bubble could be selling such garbage.

Only an ideologue could be in the middle of a US Senate campaign talking about the need to protect the great great grand kids of future-land while the kitchen is on fire and very real people in ones state are in very dire circumstances.

That's why I started a petition to see if we can find out if Nunn is clueless about policy, and the very real struggles right now in the US economy; or if she just thinks we are.  Please sign, share with friends, and lets find out if Nunn means to give the car keys to the 1% or just doesn't know any better.

Michelle Nunn is hoping you don't hear her.  But listen close enough, with a basic grasp of the economic facts on the ground and you'll be able to notice that she is promising those aspiring young entrepreneurs hoping to build new businesses, those students graduating with massive debt looking for quality jobs, and the parents dreaming big dreams for their kids-- people whose quality of life, opportunity, and future prosperity will depend on what we do right now in the middle of this crisis-- that sadly there are not enough life rafts available and "some of you guys will probably just drown" because we must make tough decisions.    The 1% got bailed out.  Michelle Nunn is on the campaign trail committed to selling you out and handing the keys to the people who crashed the economy.

After all, future world is at stake!!


  1. Have you tried to call her campaign for comment?

    1. They have a twitter account. Some of them probably have my cell phone number.

    2. Hopefully you just saw my tweet. ;-)