Monday, October 21, 2013

Feb 15th 2003 and Michelle "No Backbone" Nunn

Democrats who fail to learn from history are destined to leads us back down a path of repeating it.

 The Michelle Nunn campaign has been a profile in spinelessness.  All the cool kids and politico's are lining up behind her for the spoils of having a Democratic US Senator.  But everyday working people in Georgia don't get to reap the benefits of "appointments" and jobs in DC that come along with winning a US Senate seat.

In fact if history teaches us anything.  Sending a Democrat who lacks the backbone to stand up to the Tea Party, someone unwilling to stand openly with the reality based community no matter the headaches that will be created by doing so at forums in rural Georgia, is very dangerous.  Today at work the February 15th 2003 Anti-War protest kept coming to mind.

 I was on the streets of Sacramento that day--where were you that day?

The war began shortly there after.  The Iraq War vote was pretty much a litmus test of leadership within the Democratic Party; on one side was the reality based community pointing out the major flaws in the Bush Administrations case for war; on the other side were a bunch of Democrats who wanted to aspire for higher office and were more focused on what the public opinion polls said the average voter thought about the jingo-ist war propaganda of the Bush Administration.

Nunn had a test-run for leadership with the #GOPshutdown and she proved that when the full faith and credit of the United State was in question and at risk she lacked the spine to stand up and speak the truth; a truth some right wing voters don't want to hear  and some disengaged ill-informed "swing voters" don't pay enough attention to policy nuances to understand.

Nunn is more concerned about winning power; and will say anything to get it.  We've seen this game throughout history many times before.  This has proven quite deadly to the lives of millions if recent American history is the judge.  The scars of sending Democrats with no spine to Washington DC can be seen in the waiting line at the VA for mental health services and the suicide epidemic within the military.  Or the votes for the Patriot Act that have eroded our civil liberties yet not made us a wit safer from terrorist.

This is no game.  Sending  Michelle "No Backbone" Nunn to Washington at a time when we need open, honest, hard working leaders is a horrible mistake.  

Her Father had backbone--he voted No to the First Iraq War--and has been a powerful advocate for nuclear disarmament.  But Michelle has been sent in as a pinch hitter for a Democratic Party with no bench of candidates way above the level any novice should be sent to play.  She's not ready for prime time and it shows by who she has been listening to and the things she's been doing and saying on the campaign trail (when she bothers to even show up).
Michelle "No Backbone" Nunn is not an option for any honest Democratic Primary voter.

I totally forgot to mention that voters will have a good choice on the ballot in the Democratic Primary.

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