Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tyler Durden has a message for Michelle Nunn; candidate for US Senate in Georgia.

Michelle Nunn's campaign to hand the car keys over to the people who crashed the economy continues.

In the middle of the GOP shutdown when Democratic candidates for US Senate should be all over the place pointing out how devastating the GOP agenda has been for America, that their hostage taking is the last straw; Ms 1% is hanging out in the shadows shilling Pete Peterson talking points.

But I ask you this...

She's probably on a retreat paid for by the Koch Brothers at the moment.  But will tell us more about how wonderful Senior citizens are--And isn't volunteerism swell?

Look I know Michelle Nunn probably doesn't push small children into puddles and is an all around great gal who has been fortunate to have had doors opened for her all her life on her name alone.  I get that.  But as Paul Krugman noted about Nunn and her ilk, she's in a bubble and has no clue what she is talking about.  She'd bring the "Grand Bargain" of compromise that cuts Social Security at a time we should be fighting to expand it.

But I've just gotton word that Tyler Durden is not pleased with her campaign and has a message for Michelle Nunn and the rest of the politicians trying to hand the keys back to the 1% as if the economic crisis never happened.  They are messing with the wrong people...

Michelle Nunn has spent her entire campaign ignoring the people the economy depends on.  People who are struggling through an economic crisis they did not create.  Its a sad and pathetic reminder that the mechanism for electing good leaders is broken.  And Nunn is feeding the Tea Party tantrum by telling journalists that the children of the DixieCrats running amuck because they don't get their way are right about the "crisis" in America.

But have faith my blogging friends.  Tyler Durden loves you and knows you have all the power you need to change things.  We organize organize organize.  We fight to educate and empower voters. And  we rise up from time to time when need be.

With all this GOP shutdown nonsense we should be aspiring for the possible and getting grown ups elected to public office who have the skill sets needed to clean up the mess created by Wall Street.
As the spraypainted scrawl near the Sorbonne many years ago reminded us: Be realistic, Demand the impossible.

Wouldn't it be rad to beat the 1% come election day?  Anything is possible when we try.

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