Sunday, January 30, 2011

State Rep. Steve Davis' Capitol Update

Here is the first Capitol Update from State Rep. Steve Davis.  We don't agree on everything---okay maybe a whole lot of things--but he is one of the few that actually harnesses new media to keep his constituents informed about the work he is doing.  As always if you see items of interest from online about state politics please shoot them my way...

The House and Senate have concluded their Joint Budget hearings for Fiscal Year 2011. My priorities for the session are maintaining the funding for I-75 expansion throughout Henry County, maintaining the funding for the new technical school in McDonough, and getting Georgian’s back to work.

The FYA 2011 Budget maintains the funding for Henry County to add two lanes (one Northbound, one Southbound) to I-75 from Eagles Landing Pkwy to Hwy 155 in south McDonough. Also funding for the construction of the Southern Crescent Technical College in McDonough is in the FY 2012 budget and will most likely be the only new technical college construction this year. The new technical school in Henry County is something that I have been fighting for since I was first elected in 2004. Moreover, GRTA Xpress bus service is receiving $5.4 million dollars to maintain operations for an additional year. This service has been very popular in Henry County for congestion relief and I will continue to support the funding.

Republican Leadership

During the budget hearings I met with Governor Deal to express the important needs of Henry County and why Henry needs to be a top priority. I expressed the concerns of the constituents of the 109th to Governor Deal on the issue of education. We also discussed the work of the Education Study Committee on Diploma Options that was brought about by my education reform bill, Graduating Everyone Matters (GEM), which I will reintroduce this year.

I am also working very closely with our new State School Superintendent John Barge on a bill that will reestablish the superintendent’s powers to hire a team that is best suited to work towards the goals he is establishing within the GDOE.

As the new Chairman of Information and Audits, I will oversee the House Journals, House Fiscal Office, and administratively oversee the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts (GDAA).
I was already familiar with everyone in the House Fiscal Office and the Clerk’s Office who manage the Journals, so it was a very smooth transition from the previous chairman.

I also met with the Director of the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts, Mr. Russell Hinton. We discussed the role and purpose of the GDAA and how he thinks it could be improved. I believe the GDAA can play a unique role in Georgia’s budget process, because now, more than ever, we must ensure that there is no waste in Georgia’s Government.

Moving Forward

I am working very hard to make sure that Henry County receives the return of needed funding for our priorities from the state budget. Representative Welch and I have been coordinating the passage of resolutions by the county, school board, and all the cities in support of the new technical school in McDonough. Additionally we are obtaining support letters from industry leaders throughout our community.

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