Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Israel, Foreign Aid, and Fiscal Conservatives....

I read this:

President Obama called Mr. Mubarak last week, after the uprising in Tunisia, to offer reassurance. But on Tuesday, the White House warned Hezbollah against coercion and intimidation, and officials said the United States might go as far as pulling hundreds of millions of dollars of aid from Lebanon. The administration sent a senior diplomat, Jeffrey D. Feltman, to Tunisia to express support for pro-democracy forces as they prepared for elections after the ouster of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.

And couldn't help but ask myself.  When was the last time the US threatened to pull hundreds of millions of dollars of aid from Israel in order to speed up the negotiating process to create a lasting solution to the Palestine question?
Seeing as how Israel is the largest recipient of foreign aid and we have budget problems it might be a question worth asking by fiscal conservatives that are actually serious about creating a sustainable budget; not to mention those who claim to seriously want to push for peace between the Palestinians and Israel.
Somehow I doubt you'd hear much on that front from fiscal conservatives; but then again I'm not very inclined to take most of them seriously when it comes to fiscal sustainability and responsible budgeting--most of them just want to hide ideology behind "fiscal responsibility".

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