Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We outsourced our manufacturing and pollution; but it still comes back around to us

A post I just came across on China's pollution that is reaching US shores struck me with this line:
“We’ve outsourced our manufacturing and much of our pollution, but some of it is blowing back across the Pacific to haunt us,” Davis said. “Given the complaints about how Chinese pollution is corrupting other countries’ air, this paper shows that there may be plenty of blame to go around.”
 Go read the whole thing and remember that the horrid pollution in China?--yeah we helped build that. China's Off-The-Charts Air Pollution Is Making Its Way To The U.S. 

It reminds me that an increasing focus towards Internationalism has to occur over the next few years here in America--its one of the reasons why I'm a DSA'er.  The challenges we face, be they economic or environmental are going to require increased cooperation across the globe because equitable distribution of resources and a healthy sustainable environment are the only options for us over the long term.

[As a random aside, one of the reasons I enjoy Dani Rodrik's book  The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy is because it deals with the question and challenges of balancing democracy and trade quite helpfully, in my opinion.]

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