Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trans-Pacific Partnership, Fast Track Authority, and YOU

Two of my personal favorites--Dean Baker and Yves Smith--spoke to Bill Moyers recently about the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP for short,

Basically this is NAFTA on steroids, a trade deal by and for the 1% which would devastate working people across this country.

Today my union had a national day of action so here I am calling my Congressman David Scott, to let him know I oppose granting Fast Track authority to Obama. (I also emailed his primary opposition to let him know my position as well).  [Here sign this]

Fast Track authority allows Obama to negotiate in secret, then cram through Congress with just an up or down vote, approval of the TPP.

The Founding Fathers provided Congress with the authority to approve trade deals and not allowing amendments which protect environmental and labor standards would destroy any hope of rebuilding the middle class or protecting our environment from calamity.

Its time Congress stand up to the 1%.  The fact that Obama is pushing a trade deal written by and for the 1% tells you all you need to know about the sorry state of leadership within the Democratic Party.  Both parties are dominated by Wall Street interests--only grassroots action from the people themselves can stop this trainwreck of an oligarchy.

So take action.

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