Sunday, January 5, 2014

A certain shallow and dishonest system of compromise

Consistency is the highest obligation of a philosopher, and yet the most rarely found. The ancient Greek schools give us more examples of it than we find in our syncretistic age, in which a certain shallow and dishonest system of compromise of contradictory principles is devised, because it commends itself better to a public which is content to know something of everything and nothing thoroughly, so as to please every party.     

---Kant; The Critique of Practical Reason 
 Go read David Kaib--I am outraged at David Brooks’ continuing execution of the War on Drugs | Notes on a Theory... ; our elite class, for 3 decades now, has gone unleashed and unrestrained. No one has held them accountable--Nixon was the last President to fear the power of working people (aka "the left")--and they are not used to answering to anyone or standing for anything.

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