Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sometimes positive things do happen in a bipartisan manner in Washington DC

Bipartisan Backlash Grows Against Domestic Surveillance.

I'm just glad these disclosures happened under a Democratic President; as all of this GOP opposition would have been silent--except for one or two Ron Paul libertarian type outliers.

The power of the executive branch has to be brought in to check if we are to ever retain any form of democracy in this nation.  Far too many Democrats I know are busy defending team Obama like this is a tribalistic fight against the GOP at home and radical Islam abroad.  Far too many people I know are okay with the idea that as an Empire the rules don't apply to us.

We must retain checks and balances on power, and we must retain the ethical norms which we would expect a civilized nation being watched by other civilized nations could account for no matter how horrid and monstrous the enemy we are fighting this week is in the minds of our citizens.

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