Friday, July 5, 2013

I am Jack's unemployment check. I am Jack's new McJob.

So maybe the new normal isn't a dystopian nightmare after all?

Of late I've been pondering the new GOP agenda here in Georgia to: Erode wages/Destroy Jobs 

And about how the new normal for employment/job quality really really sucks.

But maybe I've being too cynical? Maybe the 49% Mitt Romney line is on to something.  Maybe the Keynesian Utopia is upon us and the GOP is freaking out if we all figure it out--hence they are lecturing us for working less because we realize we don't need them.

What would that mean?

It would mean we nationalize health care since at this point the US health care system sucks, and the privatized system is just a way to suck extorted profits from people until it finally implodes upon itself. This in itself would explain why Republicans have rejected implementing the health care reform agenda they created and Obama stole from them--they think a privatized system won't work!

It would mean an increase/expansion of Social Security payments.

It would mean at least 2-4 weeks of mandated Paid Sick Days/paid vacation within large firms.

It would require people to work fewer hours (providing more hours to those without jobs) and spend more time enjoying life.

Okay, okay.  I've been reading How Much is Enough?: Money and the Good Life and it may be rubbing off on me.

CEO's shouldn't be the only ones able to rig this collective system of production and consumption.

Maybe we are closer than we think to taking back what we are creating?

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