Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Thank You; #occupy


Last night was quite a night.  Watching one of the TV stories of it I was shocked at how different things are when you are actually on the ground in the midst of all the spectacle that comes when economic and social rot bubbles up to the surface.

I'll have more to say, but for now a thank you to a few courageous people I was privliedge to meet last night who don't let the bullshit; the small men with small minds; the distasteful roar of childish chants; nor the confusion of a moment without a guide book keep them from a task of doing right.  I'm feeling truly humbled this morning.

Gratitude; #occupy  

Throughout history those seldom few are given to us. 

Those few who are willing to put their bodies 
against the grinding machine 
of corrupt 
and broken political systems, those few 
that say no to exploitation 
and extortion of the weakest 
by the strongest. 

They are gifts 
given to us, their actions 
and words 
should be given great weight 
in a world of shallow indulgences, 
petty thrills, 
and cowardly silence. 

A quiet tear, and a softly whispered "thank you" is all I can give back in return.

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