Tuesday, October 11, 2011

shhhh #occupy activist about to overthrow Capitalism in Henry County... [don't share]

Hey don't let the right wing attack machine know that this #Occupy protester is about to overthrow capitalism and play the victim card via a radical Marxist act of catching up on folding cloths and picking up the living room before he gets the kitchen cleaned up.  

Please no photos of said folding and picking up or my revolution will be exposed across the blogs as an Obama/Union/Move-On plot to blame corporate greed on.... corporate executives breaking laws.

Yes this is my way of saying Herman Cain is embarrassing the educated citizens of Henry County to hang our heads in shame as our neighbor is forced on the good people of this nation.   We aren't all that vapid or bad at math.  America I swear, we aren't.

Thank you again to 32 brave individuals last night in Atlanta.

I was proud to stand on-watch as my brother Ben and so many other true Americans across this country stood up for the 99% of this nation and put their bodies against the wheels of the 1% political power.

Ben said it best about why he broke the law last night:  
Georgia continues to have a higher unemployment rate than the national average, 10.1 percent, and it has the third highest poverty rate.
Our members, like working people throughout the country, are saddled with debt. Their kids are graduating from college without job opportunities. They're also saddled with debt. 

We're seeing these same financial institutions and Wall Street interests bankroll attacks on unions and fundamental workers' rights.

This is absolutely the right time for an economic justice movement behind the Teamsters' call to stop the war on workers.
#occupy Please share Ben's story on your social networks.

I'm signing off to go over throw capitalism don't tell any Republicans---somebody hand me the dish soap...

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