Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The neoliberal era of Reagan/DLC Goldman Sachs Democrats is crashing and burning. Just needs a push...

Occupy Wall Street has obviously been overnight poll-tested by someone in power...

Having attended the last Occupy Atlanta general assembly meeting I can tell you that the #occupy movement has not been built by the base of the Democratic Party.  The fact that Democratic leaders are trying to jump on board means that #occupy movement resonates with everyday Democratic voters.

I mean go figure.  Wall Street greed is coming ahead of people’s needs.  The neoliberal era of Reagan/DLC democrats is crashing and burning.

But still the Party of Goldman Sachs is not exactly radical.  I mean they gave you a center right president.  They are built on Wall Street money and are not natural allies with the #occupy movement:

You don’t have to dig deep to find evidence of that relationship. Former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chairman Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has long been “one of the biggest beneficiaries of Wall Street money that Congress [has] ever seen,” and, in turn, Schumer pushed hardto deregulate the financial industry before the 2008 crash and then bailout said financiers afterwards. When Congress debated financial reform last May, House Democratic Chief Deputy Whip Ron Kind (D-Wis.) told a gathering of financial lobbyists, “We’re working hard with you to get the policy right.” And, of course, President Obama chose Larry Summers and Tim Geithner as his chief economic advisers, despite their long records of Wall Street ties and favoritism. The surtax on millionaires that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced on Wednesday replaces Obama’s proposals to tax not only a broader swath of wealthy individuals, but also oil and gas corporations.

Indeed, Democratic support for Wall Street was one of the major motivations behind Occupy Wall Street in the first place. When you read the heartbreaking “We are the 99 percent” Tumblr and you listen to the protesters, you don’t hear frustration with Republicans. The frustration is with Washington. And if Democrats want to work with the Occupy movement (or, indeed, make the “Republicans are the party of the rich” attack really work), they’ll have to undertake root-and-branch reform of their party’s relationship with Wall Street.

This is an interesting moment in history.  

The demos is acting...  buckle up... 

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