Thursday, June 27, 2013

DOMA, a stagnant economy, and we are Ready for Hillary?---Caveat emptor

Yesterday's DOMA ruling struck me as missing one important note--Bill Clinton brought you DOMA.

It reminded me of how vacuous and disconcerting the Ready for Hillary efforts are in terms of reminding us that the majority of politically engaged people really aren't that politically engaged at all.

From appearances on Facebook the bulk of the Ready for Hillary crew seem to be politico's trying to line themselves up a campaign job or political appointments and then those who are utterly oblivious to what actually happened during the Clinton years and the economic and political agenda they pushed.

So I picked up my copy of Thomas Ferguson's Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems and was reading through the opening  introduction on the early Clinton years to refresh my memory.

As Ferguson points out, much of the efforts of the Clinton administration was built around appeal to Republican votes (such as DOMA) and massive lobbying of the business community.

The horrid economy that is producing massive profits for CEO's but zero quality jobs and an army of multinational corporate-employed part time workers--yeah Clinton helped lay the groundwork.  The trades deals full of protectionisms for the 1% and free markets for you and yours--an agenda of Government redistribution of wealth upwards.  Yeah, all of that was in part brought to you by the Clinton team.

Its a team that is working to get us Ready for Hillary.... Caveat emptor. 

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