Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Conservatives are right, America is awesome. Or: What's actually revolting...

The greatness of America and protecting it from further decline is one of the top priorities of conservatives every election.

I've decided maybe they are right.

America is awesome and we need smaller Government so that our entrepreneurial spirit can leads us towards increasing prosperity.

As proof of the correctness of the conservative supposition I provide you...


and this.

There is also this.

These are all examples which I believe further prove capitalism is about compensating success (and austerity works!) and these successes are obviously the reason that the average pay of the people who crashed the economy is now double what it was in the early days of our last recession.

If the economic depression which we are now living through doesn't merit such a pay bump for bank CEO's I don't know what would.

That fact that people aren't revolting, is the revolting part.

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