Monday, April 22, 2013

Things are happening in the world. You should read about them....

But first.  Today is the last day for public comments on Keystone Pipeline.  Go send an email.

Also if you'd like to help me pay off my student loans consider buying one of the books from Amazon (I recommend---> or clicking on one of the ads on this blog or donating via paypal button in top corner).

Its totally painless and helps me pay off my +$30,000 in debt for that Philosophy degree I'm about to hang on my bathroom wall has cost me.

Now go read...

Paid Vacation Mandated Almost Everywhere But U.S. (INFOGRAPHIC) 

Hunger Strikes and Indefinite Detention: A Rundown on What’s Going on at Gitmo - ProPublica 

Robert Reich The Dis-Uniting of America

How a student took on eminent economists on debt issue - and won | Reuters 

AFL-CIO's Non-Union Worker Group Headed Into Workplaces in Fifty States | The Nation 

Was lax oversight to blame for the Texas fertilizer explosion? 

Napolitano elected for second term as Italy president | Reuters

US doubles its non-lethal aid for Syria - 

Effort to Unionize Adjuncts by Region Starts a Campaign in Boston - The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Brad DeLong : Adam Posen:: A Dose of Reality: Deficit-Cutting Right Now Is Extraordinarily imprudent: Creating a Crisis Now to Forestall a Future Crisis That Is Unlikely to Come 

Perils of placing faith in a thin theory - 

Chart of the Day: Why Global Recovery Has Been So Slow | Mother Jones

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