Friday, April 12, 2013

Help Wanted: 11 Dimensional Chess Masters for the 99%

Oh good, the White House is cutting a deal with the 1% on Wall Street at the same time that they are asking Grandma to take a cut in her Social Security?

Democrats hide when asked about ending high-income loophole to assure Social Security’s future?  What kind of Democrats you may ask?  The kind who should be seeing primaries come 2014.

Every expert 11 Dimensional Chess Master knows that good members of Congress are mobilizing the public (zero so far here in Georgia) so that the White House has no choice but to tell the Republicans---"sorry, see the mob on the front lawn?  I can't cut a deal with you.  I know you want to cut Social Security---but America is saying no."

Van Jones knows Obama understands this which is why Van is saying to B.O.--No Way; I just wish a few more Obama supporters would realize the President won't be offended (for you true believers think deep into the heart of the President you support, and you know he's hoping we do force his hand).

We need 11 Dimensional Chess players in Congress not just the White House.  That's how we got America back to work the last time the 1% crashed the economy.

We need members of Congress smart enough to know that you don't compromise with the GOP on issue like Social Security---you can't compromise core values and anyone who can most definitely should not be in Congress.

I signed the Grayson-Takano letter opposing Obama's Social Security cuts---please join me.

David Kaib in his excellent post on Chained CPI notes this pattern, Beltway insiders being tone-deaf to what everyday working people want from them, is the norm:
 this instance may be particularly egregious, but it is in no way usual. The concerns of the donor class, generally speaking, determine the boundaries of what is politically possible. (Lawrence Lessig lays out the case in his wonderful, infuriating book, Republic, Lost.  Thomas Ferguson’s Golden Rule is also essential reading here.) In policy area after policy area, policy and the agenda are a reflection of elite concerns not the population.  If you can’t get funding to challenge a candidate for opposing the public, and you can’t find a way to run that doesn’t rely on big money, then no one will face the music. And aside from that, the reason the concerns of regular Americans are largely ignored is because the concerns of elites, and protecting the profits of large corporations (not to mention raising money from them) take up so much of their time.
The reality is that our donor class, and the media and political elites that operate on their behalf (whether they do so because they believe it or not is irrelevant) has it exactly backwards.  The basic system of retirement security in the US had three parts–pensions, personal savings (mostly the value of a home) and Social Security. But pensions have been largely replaced with 401Ks, which even at their best provide less for most retirees than pensions do also have the problem of relying on the stock market, so they are not secure.  Remember the tech bubble crash and then the financial crisis?  And speaking of the financial crisis, that was ultimately caused by the popping of the housing bubble.
For most Americans, Social Security is all that’s left, not because they are lazy or unwilling to do what they were told to do but because what they were told to do was inadequate and insecure. (But on the bright side, the rich got much richer). Only one leg of the retirement security school is left standing, and the elites have decided even that small level of security is too little desperation.
Lucky for us, in the midst of a terrible job market there are lots of highly qualified young people with newly minted degrees from quality schools and the kind of energy and spark needed to give the GOP a full court press in Congressional districts all over the nation.

So Barista's and McDonalds Drive-Through workers unite!--hit the campaign trail and spend the next two years unseating any Democratic member of Congress not willing to speak up and speak out now against the 1%.

We need to put out "Help Wanted" Ad's all across the progressive left---11 Dimensional Chess Masters needed!  Good pay and benefits to stand up to the 1% and fight for the 99%; as it appears to be amateur Chess night at the Pelosi/Reid Disco-tech in DC.

Its time for the maladjusted of this nation to speak up and speak out---and get the American people mobilized...

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