Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Romney's mistaken credo

Michael Kazin in his article, Why Businessmen Don’t Get Elected President, notes Romney's mistaken credo:

Romney fervently shares the same mistaken credo preached by Hoover, Perot, and Cain. They all believed that to do well in business, which requires dedication to the narrow welfare of one firm or economic sector, splendidly equips one to triumph in the presidency, which demands a talent for reconciling competing interests and voter blocs for the purpose of advancing a semblance of the common, national good. To get rich may be glorious. But it does not qualify you to represent the best ideals of the country or to make policy for the vast majority of Americans. After all, the only chance most of us will have to get $100,000 a year in exchange for no work is to win the lottery.

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