Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breaking 3rd Congressional district news: Lynn Westmoreland drops out of TV debate

Just got this via the Kingsley campaign, a GOP candidate running in the primary against my abysmal congressman:

Westmoreland Drops Out Of Televised Debate

Dear Jim,

This week we learned that Mr. Westmoreland has dropped out of the Atlanta Press Club debates airing on GPB at 5:30 on Sunday the 22nd. He has until Sunday morning to change his mind if he wishes.

Since there is still time for him to change his mind it is up to the voters of the 3rd district to demand that he show up on Sunday. Here is the contact info for his Washington and Local office:

Washington, DC Office
2433 Rayburn House Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20515
Phone (202) 225-5901
Fax (202) 225-2515

Third District Office
1601-B East Highway 34
Newnan, Georgia 30265
Phone (770) 683-2033
Fax (770) 683-2042

Call, fax, or show up at his office and demand that the he show up and face the voters of his district on Sunday. If we can apply enough pressure he will be forced to appear.

Politicians must be held accountable by their constituency. If a politician is afraid to stand in front of their voters, it is time for them to go. 

Westmoreland bumbles through appearances when he's put on the spot with tough questions. 

He may actually be concerned about his opponents in the primary who are looking to out wingnut a wingnut will put him in a bind trying to explain... well, anything at all really.

Just a reminder here is Westmoreland at his best... 

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