Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick update on Chase Bank arrests, SB469 interview, and the bigger picture...

There is a whole lot going on right now on the #occupy front.  We've got a lot going on right now so I thought I'd give a quick update before I head to work.

First we've got a number of Occupyers in jail right now after shutting down a number of Metro Atlata Chase Banks yesterday and via legal... 

The 8 jailed in Dekalb County have been rushed before a judge. This is NOT a good thing. Their bond has been set at $650 cash per person. That's $5,200 to get 8 of the 14 out of jail (it would have been around $650 to get ALL 8 of them out before). This is an OBVIOUS reaction to the prisoners being political. If you can help in any way, to any amount, please do. 

Its Jamie Dimon's Birthday today so we're going to join occupiers across the country and throw him a birthday bash 

At 12:30 the Atlanta City Council will be looking at ordinances to decided if people can continue to camp in public parks.

At 4pm there is an emergency General Assembly on the steps of the Gold Dome to talk about SB469.  Topics of discussion will likely include Saturday's We Are Georgia - Mass Rally - Good Jobs, Free Speech, Human Rights, rally.  

Like I said, lots going on...  

SB469 and the bigger picture...

Haven't had a chance yet to post this great podcast interview with Sara Amis of Occupy Atlanta and Eric Robertson the political director of my Teamster Local 728 talking about SB469 which is currently waiting to be heard by committee in the House under the Gold Dome here in Georgia. 

SB469 is a direct response to our efforts to Occupy AT&T and also our efforts to #occupy foreclosed homes.  As I mentioned yesterday, there is a working class movement growing in Atlanta and across the state.  This is a direct threat to the political power of the 1%.

SB469 is a full scale assault on the working class of Georgia to head us off before we truly get our footing.  But the reality is that this isn't just about Georgia which is why I hope you take a moment to share on Facebook and twitter some of the items i've linked to because what we are learning here on the ground in Georgia can, and must, be repeated and expanded all across this country.  This isOccupy vs. the Global Race to the Bottom and we're all in this together whether we like it or not.

As it stands with Citizen United, the 1% can put as much money as they want into political campaigns.  In fact, this election cycle 25% of super PAC money coming has come from just 5 rich donors.  The 1% can buy all the TV ads to beam into your home that they want, but you can't even stand outside of their house with a sign protesting this state of affairs.

The 1% are terrified of people like Darlene Jones-Owens. People who are willing to go to jail in order to help improve the lives of others.  

Our efforts at Occupy AT&T have been paying off.  So far 200 jobs have been saved.  Not too bad for a few nights sleeping on the curb away from my wife and dogs.

One of the aspects of #occupy that many don't seem to understand is that much of the efforts right now are really, truly, about 20 and 30 years from now.  The networking of different individuals and groups, the engagement and learning from one another; the skill sets that are being developed on how to organize direct actions, raise money to get people out of jail, organize dissent both inside and outside of the public arena is the ultimate end product.  

Whether SB469 passes or not--we're going to give them hell and force them to pay the consequences.  Whether all 740 jobs can be saved at AT&T or not--we're going to give them hell and force them to pay the consequences.  This is just the beginning.  We will make mistakes, we will lose some battles.   But in the end we will pull together and stop the corporate machine trying to churn us into neo-feudal serfs for our corporate masters. This is why there is such a fierce effort to stop us.

For 30 years Neoliberals of both Republican and Democratic stripes have been pushing an agenda created by and for the 1% while we've sat back waiting for someone else to stop it.  After 4 years of Obama we can finaly put to rest this false hope that someone else will come save us.  We don't need political saviors, we have to do it ourselves.  We are 30 years late to a class war, but as I always say... better late than never.  


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