Sunday, March 11, 2012

30 years of outsourcing, downsizing, and worker intimidation in the name of corporate profits stops today....

Last Wednesday I joined with about 25 occupiers, jobs with justice activists, and friends to hit a number of AT&T locations during the day to spread our message about Occupy AT&T and why we have occupied.


Here was the Mic-Check I wrote which we used at each location. 

Mic Check...

We are here.  
With our tents, our time, and our love.
To show solidarity
For the 740 workers
who send their kids to our schools, 
attend our churches,
and help create the vibrant communities we depend on.

We are here 
to show solidarity
For the 740 workers throughout the southeast
who helped create record profits for AT&T and the 1%
We stand with our brothers and sisters of CWA
to draw a line in the sand.

30 years of outsourcing,
and worker intimidation in the name of corporate profits 
stops today.

We demand 
that the workers who create the wealth of this company
share in its prosperity.
We demand
and end to intimidation 
and harassment in the workplace.

We demand 
all jobs be saved 
and no benefits cut.

The 1% 
don't get to free ride 
on the backs of the rest of us 
any more!

We've been here 
for 22 days... 
and we aren't going anywhere.

At each location we were escorted off the property for trespassing.  But the bigger picture is that these efforts are working!

So far 200 jobs have been saved.  Now we are working to fight to make sure all 740 jobs are saved.  

Jobs with Justice Atlanta has a great post on the Family Day event yesterday which Occupy Atlanta held for family members of CWA who are about to lose their job here in Atlanta.

Some of the kids of local CWA workers who are to be laid off wrote letters to AT&T

A working class movement is growing in Atlanta Georgia. 

ALEC, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and the GOP in the state legislature have responded in kind with a direct attempt to shut down our efforts. 

SB469 is a direct response to this threat [sic] of everyday working class people standing up and doing something about their interests rather than just passively accepting what their corporate masters deem is best.

This is why I'm asking for your support.  Please take a moment to share some information with your friends, family, and social networks online about the Occupy AT&T efforts here in Atlanta to save 740 jobs across the south east.  First we need support in building awareness about our efforts.  Secondly these efforts can be harnessed in communities across this nation to stand up and fight back against the efforts of the 1% to squeeze profits out of working people.

Please sign this petition against SB469 and pass it along to your friends-- GEORGIA BILL (SB 469) would make DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. ASHAMED

And please come out to our upcoming rally March 17th here in Atlanta We Are Georgia - Mass Rally - Good Jobs, Free Speech, Human Rights, Not Partisan Attacks!

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  1. Its a good news for the IT outsourcing that now they can work freely. There are no any type of worker intimidation can disturb it.