Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quelle surprise! Mitt Romney doesn't care about poor people.

Election night in Florida, Mitt Romney gave the Democrats another gem--in what will certainly be a jewelry collection fit for the 1% by Election Day this November. 


If you missed it....  Mitt isn't concerned about poor people.  

No one should be shocked that a politician--who is scratching for the votes of conservatives--casually writes off poor people.  

I've got a couple of things to say on this front but for my pre-work post let me stick to a simple one on the tactical front.

When I ran for State Senate here in Georgia 2010 I never once came across a truly poor voter when I attended events.  


I met a lot of struggling working class voters, I met some middle class—and terrified because they were one illness away from working class—voters; I even met some successful small business owners terrified about the fact that the fall in aggregate demand and ungodly slow economic recovery was going to shut them down for good because the stimulus was too small to make up for the decline in consumer spending hitting the economy (okay they didn’t phrase it that way but I digress…).  

But I never once met a poor person on the campaign trail.  Politics is not an environment they travel in that much.


So the idea that Mitt Romney isn't concerned about poor people isn't shocking tactically speaking.  I also think we need to realize that it is not shocking philosophically speaking either and it may speak to an important confusion liberals have conservatism-- I'll fill in those details latter today.

For now i'm headed to work.  The trucks won't load themselves...

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