Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Does this woman belong in prison?

This is Darlene Jones-Owens

She joined 12 other activists in a direct-action occupation of AT&T.

Here is an interview I did with her the next day about why she got arrested.

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]It appears AT&T has bought them some powerful friends in the Georgia Legislature because there was a bill introduced today at the Gold Dome that would make what Darlene did a felony:

 Georgia Senate Bill 469 (SB469), introduced today, attempts to effectively bankrupt labor organizations in our state and prevent our movements from 'mass picketing' outside of a business or private residence we 'target' with penalties up to $10,000 per day of violation. But there's more....perhaps the most blatant and outrageous assault on our movements, coming right on the heels of our historic direct action at Occupy AT&T is Section 5- which will make it a FELONY to 'conspire' to commit criminal trespass while engaged in a political direct action- the act that 12 of us led last Monday at AT&T. There is no coincidence that the anti-worker, corporate funded, sponsors of SB 469 have set their targets on ALL progressive social forces in Georgia and thus require our immediate and unified response. This bill poses an absolute attack on basic worker rights and on all of our movements- but should also be viewed as a historic opportunity for us to mobilize a response in kind with even more united, bold series of actions to defeat it. 

Some in the Georgia Legislature want to stand with the 1%.  They want to throw these people in prison...


Its up to us to stop them.

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