Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our current dysfunctional prison system is a giant reminder of the failures of the Reagan Revolution

'Be patient and never to give up the struggle': an Interview with Tommy McKearney | Solidarity

Prisons everywhere are a barometer of a society’s level of development and the huge prison population in the US is a sad reflection on that country’s lack of well-being. Most recent swift increases in US prisoner numbers coincided with the enormous transfer of wealth from middle to top that came from the Reagan led neo-liberal agenda. The privileged elite found it necessary to contain the inevitable unrest and discontent by criminalising and imprisoning it and thus the increase in numbers.

Hopefully here in Georgia the General Assembly will start to reform our broken prison system during the upcoming session.   There is talk of it [Georgia rethinks its prison stance] but lets see if those who brought the dysfunction can clean it up....

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