Friday, January 27, 2012

Can I get a retweet...

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 Taifa Smith Butler 

Gov. Deal releases Competitiveness Initiative report--outlines more biz tax breaks and no REAL $$ investment in education--oversight?

 Climate Progress 

Warren Buffet’s Utility Explains Clean Energy Investment: “This Is a Vote for Renewable Energy. It is Not a Bet.” 


Indiana pushing ahead with right-to-work (for less) legislation even tho 69% of voters say slow down and allow debate. 

 John Schmitt 

"GDP growth disappointing in last quarter of 2011" says EPI's Josh Bivens 


 spreads the word about a viable way to fix the HOPE Scholarship. GA supports family income cap.


What do the 16 scientists who signed this WSJ op-ed on have in common? NONE of them are climate scientists


The  says there's no need to panic about climate change. Whew. Also, your dentist said not to worry about that stroke you're having.

 Tom Raftery 

RT :: what scares me more than climate change is how many relatively intelligent people don't see it as a problem

 SocSec Campaign 

 3.5 million+ in  rely on  yet candidates would send it on a raft to Cuba 

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