Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heraclitus themes

In my History of Ancient Philosophy class I'm writing my paper on Heraclitus.  Right now I'm churning on a thesis so I reread through all 115 fragments (in Cohen, Curd, Reeve) and tried to organize them around some key themes I hoped to find and/or found a lot of.

I had considered his fragments on polymathy and insight yet they only had two references so that may be a dead end.  

Something to do with hearing or speaking had the most but appearance was unique in that it had the most examples that did not actually use the word appear or appearance but only gave an example of somethings appearance-- which happened 7 of the 9 references.  I'm going to go back through those to try and see if there is a theme or argument I can make from it.  Worth a shot I guess.  I'm about to head out to work so I'll churn on it, reread after work and see if I can get a thesis by mid-day as I've got a week to get this bad boy out the door.

Any Heraclitus scholars--I'm sure there are a million of you--should feel free to shoot me some ideas.  : )

Here is the list...

How to hear/speak   10
appearance*              9
wisdom                     8
knowledge                 8
logos                         7
understanding            6
awake/asleep             6
inquiry*                      6
soul                           5
what is common         4
thinking                     4
experience*                3
to see                       3
polymathy                 2
insight                      2
obvious things           1
belief                        1

*some indirect reference

As a side note.  Heraclitus sure does remind me of Nietzsche.

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