Friday, July 3, 2015

Who are these people that think Hillary Clinton cares about everyday working people?

No really, who?

Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman:
“Bernie Sanders has spent his life actually fighting for working people. He’s made no secret of it, and he’s used it as his mantra. And that I respect very much.” When asked about Clinton’s candidacy, Tolman was less effusive: “Who? Who? Please. I mean with all respect, huh?”

 Immediate past president, Communications Workers of America, Larry Cohen: I'm Endorsing and Volunteering for Bernie!

I can only seem to find people on Wall Street, Kim Kardashian, and rap stars, that trust Clinton.

p.s. Memo to Democratic Party elites attempting to ram Clinton down our throats with Pop Star endorsements and 1% cashflow-- A 19-point enthusiasm gap isn't going to put Ms. Clinton into the White House.

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