Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The final push for Jim Nichols for State House

This truck loader put his name on the ballot for State House this year to address a number of issues, but for only one purpose: To prove to those that have given up on the political process that participation is not futile. That money and connections are beatable when you have better ideas, a better grasp of the challenges facing your community, and you are willing to put in hard work.

Not voting, not voicing your preferences about our collective future, is not rebellion, but victimhood, at a time when we need to be working together to move our state forward.
I have lost too many friends over the years to drugs, hopelessness, and the jail cell; and we as a community have too much potential that is needlessly being wasted, to just allow out of touch power brokers to steal our future through shortsightedness and greed.

When people organize, participate, and vote in the political process the politicians will follow their lead--everytime. It is how history has always moved forward and it is how we will not only overcome these challenging times in front of us, but how we will come out on the other side a stronger, healthier, more educated, and more prosperous society.

Tonight is an important fundraising deadline.  Please chip in what you can to help me get my message out to voters these last few days of the campaign.  No matter if it is $3, $25, or $500--every dollar truly does make a difference.

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