Saturday, December 21, 2013

Opposition to increasing the minimum wage fall under 3 subgroups

1) The foolish: People who really aren't paying close attention and puppet Fox News.
2) The neofeudal: People (usually business owners) who are looking to keep and sustain the current economic environment so that they can continue exploiting the power imbalances that have been created with a large labor supply that keeps workers desperate and willing to work for whatever scraps from the table they are deemed worthy.
3) The intellectually confused: a small but influential crew who have actually thought long and hard about these issues but have taken a number of wrong turns and sloppy logical leaps that have left them with a fundamentally flawed understanding about the origins of money and the way the capitalists economies function.

Letting loose an army of well informed Walmart and McDonalds employees, provided with appropriate number of pitch forks, would solve this dilemma quite quickly--if history is any guide.

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