Monday, September 23, 2013

I have an essay over at The Nation magazine

So for my Facebook friends and twitter followers you already know about it but I haven't yet posted to the blog.

I won a student essay contest over at The Nation magazine for an essay from my final semester at Georgia State this past spring.

Go check it out, I think it turned out quite nicely.

It captures, quite succinctly, both sides of the coin in terms of "who is to blame" for the economic crisis we face.  The systemic culprit for the current state of affairs, which in a broad brush stroke, very un-nuanced fashion, can be reduced to neoliberalism.  But the essay also captures my Nietzsche-ian driven elitism, my conservative streak, if you will.  My refusal to let working class people off the hook for not being better educated, better organized, and more engaged in the decisions that impact their lives.

A major thank you to twitter buddy, the blogger David Kaib, who thoughtfully took the time to read over two early drafts and provide excellent feedback.

Go check out the essay over at The Nation and tell me what you think.

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