Monday, December 17, 2012

Everything you know is wrong--2 interviews on the fiscal cliff that you must check out.

As Chumbawamba once sang, "everything you know is wrong," and when it comes to the "Fiscal Cliff" this is pretty much the case.  

If your only source of news is the mainstream media or Facebook posts from friends you are probably walking around in an upside down world of misinformation as the 1% has put a whole lot of money--creating "think tanks" and talking head echo-chambers--skewing the debate surrounding the fiscal cliff.  

There has been a massive effort to manipulate fears and exploit peoples poor understanding of economic and budgetary issues to push an agenda of unnecessary cuts to very popular social programs.

All you really need to know about the fiscal cliff you can find out in two really good recent interviews.

First go listen to Doug Henwood's radio interview in late November with the economist James Galbraith here.

Also you need to watch economist Dean Baker's recent interview on Democracy Now:

After checking those out I hope you do three things.

First, sign this petition at Democracy For America on the fiscal cliff.

Second, please share these interviews with friends and family via social media and ask them to take some time out of their day to check out them out.

Thirdly, ask them to sign the DFA petition as well.

The only way to bring positive change and rebuild social trust in the political process is to engage ourselves and those we know on the actual issues and take a few small steps putting pressure on our political leaders to fight for working people and not the 1%.  
Just for good measure here is Chumbawamba:

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