Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Georgia Senate District 17 Candidate "Party-Switcher" for more bigoted climates...

What a really strange way to misread last nights election results across the nation.  Especially for a state that is trending blue.

This without further comment.

Dr. Nelva Lee Switches Party

First, let me say a hearty thanks to all of my supporters. Those who prayed for me, volunteered, and donated to my campaign, thank you!

While this was my first campaign for elected office, I have been a political junky all of my life and have known that I would run for office someday as I believe that political service is my life’s purpose. I ran as a conservative democrat because that is what I have always considered myself. I was disappointed when conservative democrats became a dying breed in Washington and even in Georgia. However, since the primaries, the Democratic platform has become even more liberal, embracing views that are different than my conservative values of pro-Life and anti-gay marriage. So it is with a heavy heart that I leave the Democratic Party for the Republican effective today.

I want to also take the time to congratulate my opponent Rick Jeffares on his win, and to inform him that he will most likely see me again as his challenger in the 2014 Primaries. I am encouraged in this endeavor by many republicans who wished to see me run as a Republican in this past race and who pledged their support if I chose to run again on the Republican ticket.

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