Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wait, I thought it was "the economy stupid" (it is, and the GOP's plans are worse)

So a lot of Republicans have spent a whole lot of time explain how Obama "was in trouble" because he was going to have to start explaining himself for the economy.

So many of these "its the economy, stupid" that I know have been caught off guard by Romney picking such a radical right wing VP because this clearly changes the narrative that the Romney campaign had been prepping them for to expect.

Now this election is about a "choice" of priorities between Ayn Randian radicalism vs moderate conservatism of Obama.

What happened?  Well as the economic recovery continued--too slow for comfort, but onwards never the less--and it became clear that the "Obama recovery" would remain stronger than the Bush recovery of 2001-2004.

What's this you say?  I know, you probably didn't realize that.  I personal blame the liberal media for the fact that people don't know this recovery is better than Bush's--so all of those "the sky is falling cause Obama has destroyed the economy" types are--yes making it up.
The fact that Romney's economic team was built directly from the Bush administrations people in the media were starting to comment and take note on the fact that those who aren't happy with the "Obama recovery" would have absolutely hated the Bush recovery which was worse.

I ran over to the Minneapolis Fed and ran one of their comparison charts so you can see for yourself.

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