Friday, June 29, 2012

This is a classic utopian libertarian #fail moment...

There are a few grown ups in the room over on the conservative/GOP side noting the obvious: Repeal is Fantasy

But this moment/issue of health care reform also highlights the failures of right-libertarian political philosophy which can't address 

1) the realities of a modern industrial economy...
2) the realities of political democracy where what people think impacts what politicians do #theory and #ideology be damned

The larger reason why health-care reform will remain a driving force in politics is the necessities of our new economic condition as a nation. The free-spending days of easy credit and lopsided inequalities are squeezing folks from every side. Libertarians have no answer except to say, get over it. Politicians, however, will be driven to find answers, even half-baked answers, or else cash out their careers. It is not that “big government” has found the answers for the national scandal of health care. It is that “small government” doesn’t even want to look.

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