Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Sen. Chambliss and Isackson-- stand with working families not Wall Street bankers.

The Senate will be voting next week on whether to raise the interest rate on student loans.

Rebuild the American Dream is asking people to write letters to the editor and send them in to your local newspaper.  They have more info about the bill and tips on how to write one that is more likely to be published.  Please take a moment to write one, only when we raise our voices together will we be heard.

Here's mine:

Sen. Chambliss and Isackson--stand with working families not Wall Street bankers.

The vote next week in the U.S. Senate on whether the interest rate should double on subsidized federal loans next year will have a dramatic impact on students and their families across our community.  That impact will reverberate into the local economies as people are forced to cut back so that they can pay interest to bankers on Wall Street.

The post WWII economic boom came in part from the US Government sending millions of Americans into Universities and helping subsidize mortgagees for millions of new families--all on the taxpayers dime.  That hand-up allowed for millions of hard working Americans to move into the middle class via government policy. 

Right now banks can borrow money at near-zero interest rates--shouldn't the next generations workforce be able to do the same?

I didn't break the economy--I load trucks and go to school.  Why should I make huge interest payments to the bankers who did?

--Jim Nichols Stockbridge, GA

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