Monday, September 26, 2011

Local political organizing and social media...

The new chairman of the Henry County Democratic committee called me a while back and asked me to give him some ideas about how to harness online tools in the most productive manner so that the Henry County Democratic Committee is getting its message out to people, getting people the info they are looking for, and is building up a network of contacts online that can then be harnessed during campaign season for GOTV efforts.

I'm really really behind in getting back to him and have talked to a few people in terms of things to mention to him.  

I need to get him something concrete and I have a pile of homework so I want to outsource to everybody online to give me a few more ideas of things to bring up with him.

What are some helpful and not so helpful approaches for harnessing social media in a productive manner?  What are things that you've found have worked for organizations/campaigns in the past?  What are things that haven't worked?

Basic do's and don'ts.  

Even if you've never been on a county committee or don't even know a thing about social networking you might have some good ideas about information you want, how best to get you that info (facebook, email, twitter???), and other things that might help you get/stay/feel invovled?

I'm going to go work on my calculus.  Give me some ideas!!

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