Thursday, November 8, 2018

The party of large employers, major bond holders, and aggressive empire, had a good day Tuesday.

A check on the executive branch is a good thing, no doubt, especially with the expansion of power over the past few decades in the Executive. But if the end result of Tuesdays elections is that the narrative on Fiscal policy shifts to a fixation on deficits, at a time of low inflation, this whole toxic brew of culture war as political mobilization tool--that both political parties are using to their quasi-fascist hearts content--could turn bad really quickly once we happen upon a recession.  The Federal Government pays for things by printing US dollars. My tax dollars are fealty to the creator of a legal/monetary order, not the source of how the nice lady down the street gets her Medicare payments to her (already overpaid) Doctor--if reducing the age it takes to qualify for Medicare is on the agenda (and it should be, to say, age zero).

I haven't posted in a long while.  With my Dad gone I'm not as compelled to blog anymore, as I've always found blogging to be a tool of thinking outloud and our current political climate doesn't take too well to clarifying thoughts in a public manner.